I Just dont get it....

I asked a question before. on how to stop my cue up song from being recorded. They said it cant be done, fine I get that. But its pretty funny on how just the other day i recordered two small mixes & didnt hear the song i was cuing up. HaHa. But I Plug back in tonight & I hear the dam song I am cuing up!!! Great Program. Should have just bought regular serato,instead of listing to someone talk about this program…

You’re asking the wrong people if you’re asking us about Serato. None of the regular crew on this forum use Serato, so while we’d love to be able to help we probably can’t. Have you tried asking on the Serato forum?

I have asked serato, the only thing i can do is buy a upgraded version of serato. They actually on the DL said to try you guys. I use serato as my mixing program & am trying to use audacity to record my mixes. Thats all, if you want read my first post & you will see what I am talking about. The only way I can see recording my mixes is either use 2 computers or just buy the upgrade. If you have any advice please share.

That sounds like “passing the buck” :wink:

Audacity can record from any audio input that the operating system makes available to it. This means that IF the operating system makes “Stereo Mix” available, then Audacity can record everything that is playing through the sound card (including Serato if that is playing through the sound card). The trouble is that on Windows “Stereo Mix” is not always available. (On Mac “Stereo Mix” is never available without additional software).

The notes on this page describe how to find out if Stereo Mix is available, and some suggestions of workarounds if Stereo Mix is not available. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Mixer_Toolbar_Issues#cp

Note that even if Stereo Mix is available, recording from Serato may still not be totally straightforward as Serato will be putting a lot of demands on the computer in addition to trying to record with Audacity.

Serato don’t have any incentives to make this easy - in fact, if they sell an upgraded version that does recording then they have an incentive to make it difficult :frowning: