I installed a lenovo update mic won't record in stereo

I have windows 7 sp1 and audacity 2.1.2

I have lenovo thinkpad x220 tablet with a studio mic and presonus audio box itwo. I was trying to get my webcam working(i suspect it is unplugged physically) so i went to lenovo’s website and auto updated for my laptop. After being SPAMMED with junk i didn’t need i began trying to reclaim my computer. Thankfully I managed to delete most of the adware, preforming a successful enima on my computer, but when i went to record in audacity my mic wouldn’t record in stereo (with two channels).
I tried rolling back the audio drivers. I tried rolling back the presonus drivers. Still stuck in mono.
Before the update worked great after it wont record in stereo.
I tried every bit of online forum help out there. I am connected thru USB.
I set the recording device in the sound manager to 2 channel 24 bit 96000 hz and still nothing.

what should i try next? Is there a easy way to just wipe the whole lenovo update?

We can only help you with Audacity, not with problems created by Lenovo.

Is it a USB webcam, or a webcam built into the Thinkpad?

When you say you set Presonus to stereo in the sound manager, is this Windows Sound? See http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_recording_how_to_s.html#rinstereo.

What else is connected to Presonus except the mic, and what is the make and model number of the mic? Which input of Presonus is the mic connected to? And what happens now if you set Audacity to record in stereo?

I suspect you will only get “stereo” with two mics or a mic and instrument connected. It is perfectly fine to record one mic in the left-hand Presonus input, with Audacity set to record in mono, then use the L…R pan slider in Audacity to pan that in the stereo field (mixing or exporting would create a stereo track).

In other words, perhaps you could explain more about what you are trying to achieve.