I have recorded but can't for some reason save

Dear Forum,

I am a new user and have done a test Skype with a friend that has recorded but I can’t seem to save the file as an MP3.

I am using Windows Vista Basic 2007, which works beautifully and I think I installed the .exe installer.
I’m leaving the house in 20 mins but if anyone has 10 minutes today to speak on the fone or Skype to help me just save a file, I’d be ever so chuffed!

Many thanks in advance,

Great System Audacity, thanks!!


Audacity does not “Save” audio files.
Audacity works with “projects” - it does not work directly with audio files.
To create an audio file, you need to “Export”.
See here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html

To Export in MP3 format, you need to install LAME: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Installation_and_Plug-Ins#lame

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your reply. Now I can see why I couldn’t convert to MP3 either! Have saved your reply for another time.
Unfortunately, I had a business Skype yesterday that for some reason did not record… Is there any way it can have recorded and just not be showing as such? I’ve saved it as project just in case.

Again, thanks for all help,

Lucinda :smiley:

It’s not showing up because Skype is notoriously difficult to record. You can’t do it with Audacity alone.

Pamela Professional and Pamela Business software will record both sides of a Skype call. The other two versions are crippled.


Total Recorder will record Skype calls.


I think there are more but I can’t find the listing.

One of the reasons Skype is so successful is that it viciously takes over the internal sound pathways in the computer while it’s working. Doesn’t matter what Audacity and Windows wants. We’re designing a conference recording system at work and it took considerable effort to get it all straight. There’s never any question that Skype is going to work, is there? That’s the power of their reputation.

There is one YouTube video of someone who claimed to be able to get Audacity to work by itself. You might search for that. We think his process is a one-off, but it may work for you.



You are a super hero!! Thank you! I have again, cut and pasted the info to look at further. Will look into Pamela and Total Recorder.

I don’t even need to be able to record my voice, it’s the Teacher at the other end whose voice I need.

The info you have just shared is very useful and invaluable.

THANK YOU! Very much appreciated.

Bless you both for helping me!

Moo (Lucinda) :smiley: