I have problems Recording Audio from u-tube. help! windos v

I am having problems recording audio from you tube. I have windows vista, and I am getting a check input device settings and project sample rate pop up when I try to record. Please help me before a take a hammer to this thing.

i have exactly the same problem as you and its really annoying!! some one please help!

This should have been posted in the Windows forum.


Pay particular attention to the end of that post. Most people will not be able to record their speaker output without resorting to a cable or using a different sound card.

mpg94, I’m deleting your identical topic in the Recording Equipment forum.

I apologize to you two if I sound curt. I’ve been putting this off for quite awhile, but now I’ve written up a (hopefully) authoritative answer to this question. You can read it here.

Please don’t be dissuaded from asking more questions if something is still unclear. I’m open to criticisms of my FAQ post, so if you two can help me make it easier to follow please do. Go ahead and reply directly to this post here, I’ll be monitoring it.