i have data files but lost the project

how can i get it as a project ? i have all my files is there a way i can put it bacc as a project all together?

Did you edit it, process it or cut it in any way?


what happen was i put it on my flash drive i got the raw data in the folder and nothing is missing
but i do not make it to the project i try to import the files but when its all together it just does a loud static
but piece by piece it works alitle

what happen was i put it on my flash drive

You put it on your flash drive after you edited or did production on the show, or was this a straight recording?


this was a recording, i put the files in the flash drive but then i forgot to put the project in there which has the audacity icon.
thats all im missing i have everything in place i just need to know how can i bring it up. i forgot the (aup.) before i reseted my computer

Scroll down to manual recovery.