I have Audacity version 2.0 and need help

I’ve been having troubles with the Windows 10 sound recorder and voice recorder So I want to use Audacity as my default Windows 10 recording program. I often record sound from my computer from my Yeti Blue Mic and I would like the recording to save to a default folder that I set.
I can’t find a way to save them without using the save or save as options, is there a way to auto save like the Sound Recorder and Voice Recorder does ?

With both of those apps in Win 10, I click record and when I click stop it autosaves the file to a folder with the date name. I’d like to have Audacity do the same if possible

Not only does Audacity not do that, it’s worse… Audacity does not “save” in a format that can be used in other programs. Audacity “saves” in it’s own “Audacity project” format, which only works in Audacity.

Audacity is a much more advanced recorder / editor than Windows sound recorder. For example, Audacity projects may have multiple audio tracks, MIDI tracks, labels, “envelopes”, and of course it also has a load of effects. Normal audio files are not able to support all of the features of an Audacity project, so Audacity has to use a more complex format comprising of a “project file” plus a “data folder”.

To get a normal audio file from Audacity, you have to “Export” the audio.

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