I have a Windows Media File, Audacity, and LAME

I have Windows XP Version 5.1 Service Pack 3
I have Augacity 2.0.3
I have an audio file that I have been using Windows Media Player to play. I also tried it on Real Player. The file plays OK on either player.

I have already read a lot of instructions on doing this, to no avail.

I want to edit the audio file, rearranging the order of the pieces, then make another audio file that I can play every day.

Please tell me exactly what to do to get the audio file into Audacity in a form that I can listen to it and edit it. I can probably figure out the editing and exporting part, as I have done that previously.

At one point I seemed to have gotten the 1 hour file into audacity, but when I played it, it lasted a couple of screechy seconds. Now I can’t even get it back into Audacity.

Also, if possible, notify me by email how to access the answer to this question. I am pretty illiterate when it comes to these forums.

Thanks a lot.

Tom Jansen

Windows Media isn’t MP3 and lame only deals with MP3. You also need to download and install the FFMpeg software.



Hello Koz,

That did the trick. Thank you for your quick and helpful reply.