I have a problem with the nyquist "convolve" function

A week or two ago I wanted to get into convolution and play around with IRs. I looked around for a nyquist convolve plugin on this forum and started to play around with it. The problem I found was that it can only convolve segments of up to 20 seconds. This was an annoying problem, so I scoured for a solution. I read somewhere that apparently this problem was fixed in later versions of audacity, and it’s also how I found out the convolve function can be used by itself instead of using the plugin.

So I started doing convolution with the function by itself, but after a bit I found out the function still had the same problem I had with the plugin. I asked people online but hit multiple dead ends. One guy told me “It’s better to use a small impulse file than to have it the length of your whole track you are trying to convolve.” To which I replied “I don’t think that you can make the impulse length actually different than the input.”

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I’m not an expert but a theoretical impulse (input) has a time-duration of zero (and infinite amplitude). Of course it doesn’t exist in the real world, but it should be short… Much less than one second.

I think the problem is that I’m trying to convolve with two audio channels at once. Whenever I try to mix in my Impulses, no matter the length, it always stays the same as the signal length (unless the signal is shorter than the impulse).
If I have a signal that is 1 minute long, and I mix and render in an impulse that is 1 second long. The impulse will just jump to 1 minute long just like the signal.

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