I have a few questions I want to ask

Hello all,

I’m a long-time user of Audacity and enjoy the program for use as a tool in recording myself practicing. Not a heavy user by any means, so maybe I’m just not able to find the setting for this, though I’ve looked and searched thoroughly!

I have not found a way to use the keyboard to confirm prompts in Audacity. Ie, if I use my shortcut for normalize, the program prompts for amplitude input, and then requires one select “OK” or “Cancel”. How can I get the program to respond to Enter/Return, or Space, or “O”, or any other keyboard input to select that OK?

I know this seems silly, and I bet it’s some setting. But it drives me a little nuts since it’s one of the only times I seem to have to use the mouse in program.

I think this is a bug that has been fixed for the next version of Audacity. You should be able to press “Return” to “OK” an effect.