i have 2 question

Hi, i’m a newbie (which my question probably reveals) but have done pretty well with my first project.
Is there a simple way to reverse the fade in or out effect on a section of audio (after the fact, “Undo” no longer available)?
I’ve seen answers online…use Normalize, Reverse…don’t believe these work?
Appreciate your help

and the second question

in Audacity I can select “Record Input” as Wave, Microphone, Stereo Mix, etc., but how I can select Wave and Microphone simultaneously?

thx all

You plug them into your separate sound mixer and plug the mixer into the computer.

Audacity can only record from one thing. A thing is a microphone. Another thing is a music player. You make the thing the mixer and whatever you plug into the mixer becomes available.

My small mixer will provide two different microphones and two stereo music players in very high quality at the same time or any combination.

There is Voicemeeter Banana which is a software program that creates special sound pathways inside the computer. I’ve never used it.



We can’t take filters, effects or corrections out of a finished performance.

I think you’re stuck. The envelope tool might be able to let you manually make the correction, but it only lowers the volume, not raises it.

No matter what, you’ll only be able to fix the loudest portion, about first (or last) quarter of the fade.

It’s a terrific idea to keep high quality WAV files of all your raw, clean work. Voice, Music, Interstitials, Sound Effects. You should be able to have Audacity go into the mud and destroy your show when you’re half-way finished editing and just start over with the safety backups of your voice and music.

I have perfect WAV copies of voice work I shot five years ago.