I had it working for a second, and now it don't

I am trying to record audio from a USB capturing device. The device is actually able to capture audio and video. I have a tape I need to convert to a CD. I lost the original software for the USB device however I still have the drivers for it and they are installed on the computer. I had it all hooked up for a few seconds and working. I could hear the audio on the PC and the bar was moving across my screen and you could see it move with the audio from the tape. I went to do it again to record and the bar moves and I get a flat line and I don’t hear any audio now. I have it set to MME USB I tried line in and mic. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Check in Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O and make sure that the USB device is selected for recording. If the USB device is not listed, reboot your computer with the USB device still plugged in, then check the preferences again. If you are using Audacity 1.2.x you may need to restart Audacity for changes to take effect.