I Found A Way To Isolate A Section & Record It

So I made a recording and I wanted to isolate a small section of it and make a recording of that. Here is how I found a way to do it. I very much love the feature that Audacity has created under EDIT/SELECT named “left at playback and right at playback”. With it you can isolate exactly what you want to edit. I go to EDIT, SELECT and hit ALL. I then use the “right/left at playback position” to edit what I want and then I hit STOP. Then I go to FILE and I hit EXPORT SELECTED AUDIO and name the edit whatever I want and make it a second file.

Glad you’ve got it working.
I’ve just posted some additional hints in your other topic: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/isolate-selection-of-a-recording/41237/10