I found a fix for dragging and dropping on windows 8.1

Disabling UAC through regedit fixes dragging and dropping from explorer and wmp on windows.
I think if you move the Audacity folder out of Program Files (x86) and somewhere like My Documents, and don’t run as administrator, it might also fix not being able to drag and drop, although I haven’t tested it.

This post seems to come from nowhere. Which drag and drops are you are complaining about, please, exactly?

Are you running Audacity from a shortcut? That can create permissions issues.

Standard disclaimer: Users are not recommended to disable User Account Control (UAC) which is there for their own protection. If necessary, disabling UAC using the Control Panel UAC slider is sufficient for most users, even though it does not remove all prompts or prevent all requirements to elevate permissions.

Users are not recommended to disable UAC by editing the Registry. Editing the Registry incorrectly can leave the computer inoperable.

Moving folders after installation is also not recommended.


I mean dragging and dropping files from explorer into an open window in audacity.

In what circumstances does that fail? Running File Explorer without admin rights when Audacity is running as Administrator? Or the reverse case?

Are you executing Audacity from a shortcut or executing Audacity directly?

Where are the files you are dragging?


It always fails when I run Audacity as administrator, If I don’t it works. I’m running the exe directly, not using a shortcut.

I think you would have to live with this on Windows 8 and above if you want to run Audacity or any other media app as administrator but not be logged in as administrator.

A few people say pressing ESC during drag fixes it, but for me it cancels the drag as expected, nor do I find a SHIFT-drag (or other modifiers) or right-click drag helps.

Even right-click over explorer.exe > Run as administrator doesn’t solve it. File Explorer still runs as the standard user, as you can see in Task Manager, and drag into Audacity fails.

If you want a file manager that has a working method of running as admin, try xplorer2 then use Window > Administrator from within xplorer2. It’s a much better file manager then File Explorer in my opinion, regardless.