I exported my project to an mp3 but I forgot to save it as an AUP3

I exported a project as an mp3 but didn’t save it as an aup3, but now I need to edit something and when I import the mp3 it shows everything as a single block, is there a way to recover my work as an aup3?
-my os is windows 10 Pro N (64 bits) and my audacity version is 3.1.2

is there a way to recover my work as an aup3?

Did you close Audacity after you made the MP3? If Audacity is still open, you can try Edit > UNDO and step back to the original show.

Once Audacity closes, it goes around and “cleans up” all the temporary workspaces and configurations. So the only place your timelines, edits, inserts, and divisions exist is in your head.

I can make this worse. If you do open up your MP3, make an edit, and save it as a new MP3, the sound quality won’t be as good as the original. MP3 compresses each time you make a new one and you can’t stop it. That’s why it’s a terrible idea to do production editing in MP3.

Could you reconstruct the show from the original parts if you had to? Did you save all the raw, original work as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit files or Projects?