I don't know WHAT to do with this???

I am VERY new to ANY audio software or language of sound (give me a design project…Its all me)!! Don’t know KHz’s or frequencies and on and on (as I’m seeing) and/or what solves what problem on a recording. (sorry, total rookie!!). I’m a MAC person and just downloaded my first Audacity, 2.0.2. I attached a clip from one of MANY recordings very similar, would like to know how to fix this one to hear BOTH voices and what filter and settings preform what function (just for THIS “type” of sound… no need for user manual #2!), in order to do the rest of similar recordings. If this clip isn’t something you can work with, I can give you others. its spoken words… on a phone…recorded from a phone… on a boat… Yup! (sorry). Can you help?? (fingers crossed!!!)
exportFORUM.aiff (1020 KB)

Sorry, there’s not much that you can do with that recording because the quality is bad beyond repair.
Perhaps if you gave a detailed description of what equipment you are using and how you have it set up, we may be able to suggests ways to improve the recording quality.

Is there things to do to help the quality? I know how to reduce noise, any levels that you suggest with that? Any other function/levels you suggest I try?

See the following articles from the Audacity Wiki