I Did Something I Can't Figure Out How To Undo

So I was messing around with the audacity program for Windows 7,then I accidently pressed something that I can’t undo,I tried to work while it was like that but it was too stressful.

Heres an image of the problem,

I want to remove it,if you know how to undo it just tell me.

In Windows, Control-F will “zoom” so the work fits left to right (FULL). There’s lots of other zooms and you might want to bone up on them because that’s the best way to select a small portion of audio for editing.



I settled on three main Zoom tools. Drag-select some portion of the show and Zoom into it with Control-E (SELECTION). If I went in too far, I can zoom out a little bit with Control-3 (you just have to memorize that one). As in your case, Zoom out Full with Control-F.

I can do an awful lot of work in those three.


You have selected the “Multi-tool”.
Press the F1 key to go back to the normal “Selection Tool”.
See here for more info: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/tools_toolbar.html

Thank you so much steve

How would you know? The tool panel isn’t visible. The envelope markers?

From the appearance of the wave track: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/multi_tool.html