I clicked a check box and i didn't mean to. Help!

Audacity 2.3.2 WINDOWS 10 1803 64 bit
I downloaded Audacity last week and was fixing the audio level on some MP3s. After opening up the file, I was doing the following:
Select ALL
Effect Amplify… OK
File EXPORT Export as MP3
Then was shown where it would be saved SAVE
A message box warning would say that the currently saved file would be overwritten YES
At this point an INFO pane would appear with data about the recording (artist, track number, album name, etc.)
There was also a check box which, when selected, would prevent the INFO pane from appearing in the future.
I must have checked it because the INFO pane no longer appears!
How, and what do I change to reset this so the INFO pane will appear?
Thank you for your time!! Littletott47

“Edit menu > Preferences > Import / Export”
Enable the option “Show Metadata Tags editor before export”.

The Metadata editor is also available at any time from the “Edit” menu.