I can'tget started

I just downloaded Audacity and I am just trying to record some audio just to try it out. I have a keyboard which is connected to a smaller mixer unit and it is connected to a USB port on my laptop. I also have headphones connected to the mixer. I am able to hear the audio output from my computer but is seems that nothing is going to the input.I have tried the mixer output direct to an amp and this is working but the input to the computer is not.

It is a Behringer Q1002USB mixer.Any ideas what I should check?

See if you can select your USB mixer in the Audacity Device Toolbar.


If you see some incomprehensible name you don’t recognize, see if it goes away when you unplug the mixer. Also plug the mixer in and then start Audacity.


When I take out the UBS input cable and restart Audacity the input name disappears from the tool bar. When I plug it back in it re=appears in the tool bar. Do I select this device as the input and output device?

It records using the computer in built mic when this is selected as the input but it records nothing when I select the USB mic as the input and output device.

Do all the Behringer 6, 0, and 20 lights (on the right) come on when you play audio or announce?


I think I am making some progress! I can now get the audio track recorded, I needed to increase the main mix level and unpress a main mix button on the mixed.I can now see the audio waves on the recording. Now my problem is when I play back I can’t hear anything through my headphones.

The output bars are showing when I replay as well.

I have fixed it ! Yippee I am so happy. Now I just need to figure out how to record a song.I will be back in touch shortly. Thanks for the advice.