I can't use audacity suddenly [SOLVED]

Hello everybody,

I am a french student and I use audacity for my studies. I record my courses for my exam. Sometimes as the sound is bad, I clarify the sound with audacity. But for two days, I don’t know why, I can not work the soundtrack. When I download the soundtrack, the same message appears.
I translate it from french to english.
Unable to download the automatic backup file.
Then its is written the name of the user (me) and the date of today.

There is just the possibility of clicking ok. When I click ok, the initial band is reduced.
I am really bothered by this situation.

I thank you in advance for your help

Please start by looking in Audacity > About Audacity… and telling us what version number of Audacity you have (all three numbers). If it does not say 2.1.3, get that version from http://www.audacityteam.org/download/mac.

Do you mean that you drag or otherwise import an audio file into Audacity?

Does the message say that you cannot save the AUTOSAVE file? I suggest you post a screenshot of the message.
Please see how to attach files to forum posts.

If it is a problem with the AUTOSAVE file, this might be fixed by making sure you have Audacity 2.1.3.

Do you mean the that blue waveform is reduced? Are you trying to run an effect? If so, which effect exactly?


Hello, Gale Andrews

thanks you very much for your quick reply and sorry for my late reply.
As you guessed my version of audacity was too old. (it was 2.1.1)
Thanks to your advice I downloaded the new version (2.1.3) and now i can use audacity and it works very well.

Your help was very precious, thank you very much !!