I can't turn a single track into numerous tracks

first off, let me tell yinz that I’m a computer challanged person (am 53 yrs. old & got my 1st computer 6 mo. ago. Enough about me … I recently downloaded audacity for the purpose of turning single track recordings of concerts into a a cd of numerous tracks! I’ve been searching for 2 days & have been unable to find how I should do this. Can someone please explain this proceedure to me in layman’s terms (i.e. ~ click on this, point on that & click this)? As Jerry Garcia belted out quite a few times, “Somebody help me”. Please reply to me at : [email removed by elf]
Thank you,

Dear OSH. I have removed your email address. We get a lot of computers searching our forum for the sole purpose of harvesting email addresses in order to send trash and ads. Not a good thing. Also, we like to keep the conversation on the forum. This is a lively discussion of problems, not a help desk.

Where are you stuck?

Are you capturing a vinyl record and breaking it up into individual songs for Music CD burning? Give us an overview of the whole pathway.

Audacity does not burn anything. All you’re going to do is produce music files, one per song and then dump them into, say, Windows Media and then Windows Media will let you organize them and burn them to a CD. You can’t just pull music files over to the icon for a CD and go home. That will produce a Data CD, not a Music CD. It will not play in you car. You need a Music CD Authoring Program and Windows Media will do that.


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