I can't scroll right on audio track


I’m using a Mac with OSX Yosemite, an Apple Magic Mouse and have just updated Audacity to version 2.1.2. I’m viewing sound as a waveform image.
Whilst I can still scroll left (click and hold down mouse on the audio track then drag cursor left so track scrolls leftwards) I have discovered that I can’t scroll right. It’s really frustrating! Any ideas if this is a bug or setting that needs to be set?

Thank you

Thanks. As I understand it, In the Audacity version before 2.1.2 you would have to hold SHIFT then drag on the Magic Mouse multi-touch surface to scroll left or right. Are you moving your finger on the mouse surface? I don’t understand what cursor you are dragging. Are you referring to the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the Audacity window?

That SHIFT workaround should still work in 2.1.2, though I understood the workaround might not be needed in 2.1.2 - you could just drag on the multi-touch surface. I do not have a Magic Mouse myself. The behaviour without SHIFT is very much controlled by the wxWidgets interface toolkit we use.


Open a project, zoom in and manually scroll using the horizontal scroll bar so that scrolling left and right is possible.
Left-click and hold, then drag right, creating a selection.
Continue to hold and drag past the right edge of the window.
Result: the view does not scroll and the Audacity pointer changes to the time-shift shape.
Result: dragging back into the window and left of the starting position has no effect.

This has nothing to do with activating the horizontal scroll bar with the magic mouse.

– Bill

Confirmed on El Capitan.
I get the same behaviour with both a “conventional” mouse and a magic mouse.

Works OK on Mavericks. El Capitan bug, euh, sorry, feature?

Original poster said it was on Yosemite.

Thanks, Bill. Nice to see Steve on a Mac :slight_smile:

I can’t check on Mavericks myself as I no longer have it, but I added the bug (P3): http://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1325.


Should have noted I’m still on 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and using a magic mouse (which shouldn’t matter since it’s a drag failure, not a scroll failure). But cyrano says it works on Mavericks (?)

– Bill

Maybe I don’t understand?

It works for me, scrolling left and right, but with the standard trackpad on the MB Pro…

Or is this just a problem with the magic mouse?

I think I misunderstood…

I can slide the handle underneath the window, but I can’t use two finger slide on the trackpad to go left and right. Up and down works.

That was what we were hoping might work in 2.1.2, without having to hold SHIFT.

But the reported bug is about being zoomed in then dragging the right edge of the selection rightwards beyond the visible end of the project. The track should scroll, but it doesn’t.


Correction. The OS i’m using is OSX El Capitan (now v10.11.4 beta)- sorry my mistake. I would have responded earlier but didn’t know my first user post had been approved!

So to be clear, on the previous version of Audacity that I used I didn’t need to hold down shift to scroll.
I can use the scroll bar to scroll left or right on a track.
I can use the Magic Mouse and the built-in trackpad to scroll (hold and drag mouse) past the edge of the left window.
However I can’t do the same when trying to scroll past the edge of the right window.

I hope I’ve explained the problem clearly enough.


Scroll with what? Magic Mouse? Trackpad?

I would have expected the opposite - 2.1.2 to be the first version where you could scroll rightwards with a rightwards movement without using SHIFT.

Thanks. We now have a bug open for that, as you noticed.