I can't register my voice at the same time of a base track!

Hi, I have windows 7, and when I export the mp3 music-base and I have to record my voice at the same time at the base, I can’t do it because the recording of my voice doesn’t start in the new track , but continues in the base track. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried everythink, please help me because I should do musical cover and I care about these things a lot.

In the current (2.2.1) version of Audacity, to start recording onto a new track, hold the Shift key down when you click the Record button (or Shift + R).

Are you overdubbing? Are you singing to the backing track and want to make a mixed song later?

We wrote instructions to do that.


There are special settings and adjustments in Audacity so you can get clean tracks for later production or mixing. If you don’t follow the directions, you can get mixed music tracks in the wrong place or overload and distortion.

Post back if you have troubles.