I can't post my finished tracks on audio.com

The links don’t work. I’m getting audio.beta, instead of audio.com. when I try to upload my tracks from the audacity software studio, the tracks do not appear on audio.com

We’re going to need a lot more detail. Audio.com won’t tell us anything without opening an account.

Does audio.com give you an Audacity version number to use?

Do they expect a link directly from inside Audacity? Like maybe a File > Export option?

ACX, the other publishing platform, makes you create separate sound files and they tell you in detail exactly how to do that.


Audacity does provide a file export option. When I use it, the file does upload, but when it arrives on the website, it’s blank. There’s no player.

I think you’re going to be stuck unless somebody who speaks audio.com posts on the forum.

Do they have a help forum or service? Since you have an account, do they have documents where they explain formats and recommendations? It’s possible you can use Audacity as a plain editor and not use their fancy upload process.


I need a way to upload the files from audacity online, and audio.com was the only way.

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