I can't play my tracks

I can’t play my audacity tracks. One day they played fine then, all of a sudden they don’t play. What’s going on? Any suggestions?

Do you mean Audacity projects? (AUP files/folders?) Or exported WAV or MP3 files?

What are the symptoms? Is there an error message? Can you open the file? Do you see a waveform? Does it “seem to play” but is silent?

Do you have any “special” audio hardware like a USB microphone or a USB turntable or something?

When I try to play an audacity file or all of the tracks, when I press play nothing happens. I tried deleting audacity and re- downloading it, same thing, very bizarre.

Do you mean “an Audacity Project” ?

An Audacity Project is not just one file. There is a “project file” and a separate “_data” folder. The “_data” folder contains the audio data for the project. The “project file” contains instructions that tell Audacity what to do with the data.

If you have the “project file” but do not have the “_data” folder, then there is no audio and the project will not work.

Detailed information about managing Audacity Projects can be found in the manual: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual