I can't make "SampleDataExport".

Hi from Tokyo,

OS: win10, Audacity Ver: 2.3.3 (JN ver)

*I installed this software yesterday so I don’t know this well. Hope you could understand my question!

I’d like to export a data of 10 sec of mp3 to “SampleDataExport”, but Audacity showed the following alert, then shut down forcibly.

[Window Title] wxWidgets Debug Alert
[Main Instruction] A debugging check in this application has failed.
[Content] c:\wxwidgets-3.1.1\src\common\unichar.cpp(52): assert ““Assert failure”” failed in wxUniChar::FromHi8bit(): invalid multibyte character

Though I also tried it with wav converted file, the same alert has shown.
The data of sound is very simple (just 2-3 secs beeping sound), and I’d like to get a time-series data of sound.

It’d be helpful if you could give me an advice!


What language is Audacity using?
If not English, try setting the language to English in the Audacity Preferences (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/interface_preferences.html)

The effect “should” work in other languages, but the error message suggests there could be a character encoding error.

You won’t actually be exporting the “MP3”, because Audacity decodes imported audio to 32-bit PCM data. The effect will be analyzing the decoded audio data.

Also note that for a typical, stereo audio file, 10 seconds of audio is equivalent to 882,000 lines of data. I would recommend starting with a much smaller export, say 100 lines, and work up from there.