I can't Install LAME on libs...

Ok for the toolbar, but I can’t Install LAME on libs…my computer dosen’t accept the download ( that I’ve done from audacity team…) And I’m not able to change the autorisations How can I solve this major problem ?
In My old macOS Sierra everything worked, why this new computer dosen’t allows me to correctly install

Have you gone to this page and followed the instructions there?

What do you mean by “my computer doesn’t accept the download”
The download is not from “audacity team”.
What authorizations do you need to change that are not being allowed?

What version of macOS are you running?

– Bill

[url]I’m running last version sur IMac, Os 10.14,3 Mojave, Everithing is Ok with Audacity, I do have difficulties with Lame/ FFmpeg for Audacity and plug-ins and libraries such as those needed for MP3 Encoding.
The OS 10.14 System bloks me, and I can’t change the permissions to set up and use the MP3 encoding… Do you have any suggestion?

Yes I followed all the instructions and everything is oK… I can open the download easily, BUT I can’t Drag it into the lib to make it work becouse the system of my new IMac Mojave doesn’t accept unkown downloads…BUT IMPOSSIBLE to change the permissions
I think I’m going to an Apple Center…
Thank You anyway…and I’ll let you know (with a better english…)

For Audacity 2.3.0 (and earlier) you need the 32-bit libraries which are lower down the download page.

The 64-bit libraries are for the soon to be upcoming Audacity 2.3.1 which will be 64-bit,