I can't hear my recorded 1st track while recording the next

hello everybody,

I tried the search, but got more than 700 answers.

my question:

I recorded the first track, listened to it & want to record an add. track now.

when I press record, I can do that, but can’t hear the already recorded 1st track.

what do I have to do?

thanks in advance.

Click on Edit in the top menus, then go to Preferences (near the bottom) and open that, then, to the left of the window that comes up, click on Recording and at the top right of that window you’ll see a box to check called Overdub. Make sure that is checked, and that should do it. Then you might have to deal with latency (syncing of the various tracks together). That’s covered in the manual under the Help tab.

thank you so much,polkat.
works like a charm.

in my case - windows xp - it looks slighty different - here’s what you have to do,
in case some user has the same problem.

audio i/o ( you might have to scroll all the way to the left to find ’ audio i/o’, I had to)
check 2nd last box near bottom saying: ’ play other tracks while recording new one.’


have a great day everybody.