I can't hear my audio Windows 10 Audacity 2.3.3

I record something with a friend on Audacity who lives a few states away from me. When going back to listen, I can hear his audio but I can’t hear mine. I have a Logitech microphone. By the way, I don’t wear headphones when I record, so that’s not the issues. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated!

You’re leaving out a lot of details. Are you recording Skype or something like that? (There is special software for that.)

What details would you like to provide? By the way, I am not using Skype.

How are you are you recording your friend, or is he/she emailing his/her recordings to you, or what?

You said you can’t hear when you listen back so I don’t know if you have a recording or playback problem. Do your [u]meters[/u] show anything while recording your voice (or while playing back)? Do you get the blue waveform while recording?

I have a Logitech microphone

Is that a USB mic or an analog mic? If you select that mic as your [u]Recording Device[/u] you should be able to record yourself. (But you can only record from one thing at a time so you won’t be recording your distant friend.)

So yeah, I do have a USB mic. I go to device manager and then enable device. Then I hit the button on the mic to turn it on. I tried recording by myself but there is no waves at all. We record on a program called StreamYard.

We record on a program called StreamYard.

What? I thought you were recording with Audacity… :open_mouth: I don’t know anything about StreamYard.

Do you know if your microphone works at all? If you’re on a laptop have you tried the built-in mic?

Have you tried closing all other applications and recording with Audacity? Make sure to select the USB microphone as your recording device (in Audacity).

You can test your microphone with [u]Listen To This Device[/u]. That should work without any applications running.

If you are recording your friend remotely over the internet (using WASAPI loopback, etc.), like I said you can only record from one thing at a time. (There is special software for doing that.)

Yes, I do record with Audacity while using StreamYard to record the audio. The problem is solved because I tried recording on my own under both MME and Windows DirectSound and both worked. Which one should I use to record both of us? Also, is their a way to fix my audio from the recordings where I used WASAPI?

That was a dumb question. How can I fix audio that never recorded! But what setting should I use to record the both of us?

If you want to record your microphone, then it is essential that you use headphones.

Do you have headphones that you can use with your computer?

You need to enable “Listen to this device” in the Windows sound settings for your microphone.
IMPORTANT: If you do that while listening through loudspeakers, your computer will scream at you - literally. Ensure that the sound is coming from your headphones and not from the speakers before enabling “listen to this device”.

When you have that set up, then you will be able to record everything that is playing through the computer’s sound card by using the “Stereo Mix” option (if your computer sound card has a “Stereo Mix” option).