I can't get any music to mycomputer using Audacity [SOLVED]

Just bought a new turntable (Pyle Vintage ModelTRRCAU) but cannot get any records to transfer to my computer. I downloaded the most recent Audacity software but have not yet gotten any music to transfer. According to page 5 of the USB turntalbles the first step is to go to the “Device Toolbar” I have yet to find out what this is. It says to "Select the USB Audio Codec but I can’t find this anywhere.

I did from the “Transport” menu and checked “Software Playthough” but this didn’t help either.

What can I do to find the “Device Toolbar”?

Is their any telephone number for Audacity?

Audacity is a volunteer, impoverished organization with no formal support. We do OK on the forum, though.


Yours will look a little different. This is for a Mac and I resize my windows, but that’s the idea.


Does [u]this page[/u] help?

You might not exactly see “USB Audio Codec”, or “Pyle USB Turntable”, but you should probably be able to select something that turns-out to be the USB turntable.

Is their any telephone number for Audacity?

No. Audacity is open source, developed and maintained by volunteers. There is no company and there are no employees.

One other note. Audacity looks for devices when it starts, so plug in the turntable First, then start or restart Audacity.


I have a IBM type PC. I have 4 boxes similar to your Mac – But the first box shows “MME, or Windows Direct Sound, orWindows WASAPI” The Second box shows "Primary Sound driver or Speakers/ Headpohones or Digital Output, or Headphone (KTC) ". The Third Box shows “Primary Sound Capture Driver or Stereo Mix or Line in (2-IDT) or Rear MC (2-IDT) or Rear MC (2-IDT”. The Forth Box shows "Stereo Recording or Mono Recording)

I have the boxes set as 1) Windows Direct Sound 2) Digital Output 3) Primary Sound Capture Drive 4) Stereo Record

Do I have to try each option indiviually or is there some way to know which is correct.

I get WAV files which have a definite length and I can convert them to MPMG files with a definite length that appear to match the length of the song. But I hear no music when I play them in ITunes.

Help! Help!

I don’t think any of those options is it. Another Universal Truth is Audacity gets all its connections from Windows. If Windows can’t find your turntable, Audacity is hopeless.

Scene shifts to Windows Control Panels about which I know next to nothing. Let’s see if I can find good instructions.

This may be rough. All the tutorials automatically assume that Windows connects right away and no further attention is needed. That is what normally happens.



This has more detailed instructions of how to manage each type of computer.


Here’s another one. Look at item 5. Windows System…



I would like to take a picture of my Audacity Screen like Mr “K” did but I can’t figure it out. It may make it easier for others in the Forun to understand what my computer screen looks like. :smiley:

Doing a screen grab is pretty involved on Windows, or at least it used to be. From memory, you have to Print Screen (PrtScn button), open up Windows Paint > New Picture and Paste the screen grab, etc, etc. I didn’t see any detailed instructions how to do that.

But you may not need to. We more or less know what the Audacity screen looks like. It’s just the Windows system that’s a little crazy.



Apparently this changes depending on which Windows you have. Which Windows do you have? I think you can watch the screen when you start up.

There may be a way to do this inside Windows, but I don’t know what it is.

We’re getting further and further away from the real problem.
Is there somebody in the neighborhood that can help with all this.


It is quite simple.

Get Audacity 2.0.6 from http://audacityteam.org/download/windows.

Do not read the instructions that came with the turntable. They will probably be wrong and/or for
some other Audacity version than 2.0.6.

Connect the turntable to the computer before starting Audacity.

Device Toolbar is right in front of you in 2.0.6

Set it up like in that image, with speakers and/or headphones in the second box and something like USB Audio CODEC in the third box. It won’t say “microphone” in the “USB Audio CODEC” if you are on Windows XP.

Read this page thoroughly: Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual.


I finally tried the “Troubleshooting” instructions for “Turntable not recognized by Operating System” (pages 7 and 8). I uninstalled Audacity and then reinstalled it then turned the computer off and rebooted the computer. The system finally worked fine and I have now recorded two vinell records - even to the point of creating separate files for each tract of the two records. It works!!!

Looks like you are on top of it now, well done. :smiley:

I’ll lock this topic now.

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