I can't fix Audacity

I can’t fix Audacity on my Windowns 10 no matter what I do. The application doesn’t close. I tried do it normally, shortcuts, keyboard, nothing works, it keeps functioning like I haven’t done nothing. The only thing that works is closing it through task manager, but when I open the program again, I get a message to recover my unsaved projects and I can’t close that box or discard the projects, the only thing that works is the recover projects button, but then the cycle repeats over and over again, I have lots of opened projects with no content just so I can use Audacity.
I’ve been using this for a few years now, never had this problem before, I even tried different versions of the software, nothing works.
Please help me fix this issue

When did the problem start happening? What changed?

It came out of nowhere really, one day was working just fine, the next day this started happening. I really like this software, I don’t wanna change to another, so I desperatly wanna see this fixed

I don’t understand. Why / how do you have lots of opened projects?

Whenever I reopen Audacity that “Project Recovery” window always pops up, because I always have to force the Audacity shut down through task manager. In that window, the only button that actually does something is the recover projects one and it’s the only way for me to continue to use Audacity and create a new project, but it recovers all those projects that I couldn’t close

What happens if you click on “File menu > Exit” ?

Absolutely nothing

Try reinstalling Audacity, and during the installation, select the option “Reset Preferences”.
On first run you will be prompted to confirm resetting preferences.