I can't find the GLAME Bandpass plugins for Audacity...

…and I’d really like to use 'em.

I am using Windows 7, Audacity 2.0.5 and I’m pretty sure I got the .exe file.

I’d like to get the GLAME Bandpass filter in order to make an audio visualiser in Blender - but they have thus far eluded me!

This is the GLAME page - http://glame.sourceforge.net/index.var - but the only download link there draws down a .tar.gz… at which point I’m out of my depth.

Is there another site I can find that will just have the bandpass filter? Or a library, reasonably easy to install? Is there a different, non-GLAME filter that would suit my needs?

Any help appreciated. I really wanna pass them bands.


You can create a bandpass filter using the Equalization effect. http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/equalization.html

For example, settings like this will pass a band of frequencies between 1000 and 2000 Hz

Alright, that’s damned interesting. =) Thanks muchly, that seems like a workable solution.

I’m a total sound novice here - is there any advantage to having any kinda bandpass filter over this? I mean, this seems pretty damned cool.

It’s an interesting process - I’ve just isolated the bass WUB WUB of Danny Elfman’s ‘The Little Things’… now I have to find the bit of treble that actually makes it sound like a drum… =P

All the best,


“Bandpass filters” vary enormously in their frequency response. Some will have a sharp “cutoff” either side of the “pass band”, while others will have a much gentler slope.
If you have a bandpass filter that you particularly like, then it can be quicker and more convenient to use the bandpass filter.
On the other hand, the Equalization effect is much more flexible. For example, if you want a gentle slope version of the 1000 to 2000 Hz bandpass, you can set the Equalizer to something like this:

If you have favourite settings that you will want to use again in the future, you can save them as custom presets: Audacity Manual

Some users find the Equalization effect to be a bit intimidating because of all the controls and options, but if you can cope with that then it is by far the more powerful, flexible and versatile option.

You may find “Plot Spectrum” a useful tool in doing that: Audacity Manual
Tip: Set the “Axis” to “Log frequency”.

Many thanks! Just saw your reply now - looking forward to experimenting with Plot Spectrum…!