I can't cut in an audio file[SOLVED]

Yesterday I downloaded Audacity for Imac. Unfortunately, the cut button nor edit>remove audio or labels>cut doesn’t work. I can play the audiofile, I can select, but not cut. Does anyone know what the solution is? Thank you.

Describe what you’re trying to do without using those words.

“I want to remove a short segment of audio in the middle of a larger show,” for example.


Hi Koz,
That’s exactly what I was trying to do: removing a segment from an audio file.

To be more specific: I want to remove a short segment from an audio at the beginning of the show.

Are you in PAUSE mode when you try to make the edit - you need to be in STOP mode.


Hi WC,
Thank you for helping. I was in PAUSE mode. So, I finally can delete!
Cheers, Jane