I can't connect my Korg MicroKey to Audacity

I feel like I’ve tried every setting and am getting nothing from this keyboard. When I connect it to my usb port it sounds a dingaling of recognition but then nothing happens. Sup with that?

Audacity doesn’t support MIDI input.
MIDI is not audio (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI)

If that’s just a controller used to make music with something else, then we’re stuck. When you actually make music, figure out where the music is coming from and we may be able to record that.

I have a large music keyboard that I play from one computer via MIDI connection and then use the headphone connection on the keyboard to record the music in Audacity on a second computer.

That’s how I did these.




How about reaper? I have no idea what i’m doing

Reaper is a paid audio editor. It seems to accept anything including MIDI.

A note here. MIDI isn’t music. It’s just instructions for something else to make sound. If Reaper does record you playing on the keyboard, then what it’s really doing is using your MIDI to make the music inside itself and then recording that. Most computers have MIDI instruments, too. I can tell my windows machine to follow my MIDI keyboard and it will play sound. It’s not very good sound because my Windows machine isn’t very good at it, but that does work.

What routinely messes with new users is the USB. You can send music down the USB cable or you can send MIDI down it, but usually not both.

I have no idea what i’m doing

Maybe a goal here is good. What are you trying to do? What do you have other than the Korg?

We always get into trouble when the poster starts from the middle of the story.


Well, I guess i have other things that I can use that i have been able to figure out. I just also happen to have this korg microkey and wanted to use it if at all possible but if it’s not with audacity, then that’s the answer i was looking for. thanks for your patient advice.