I can't (can not) find the rules of the forum

Where are they located? I tried searching the forum but couldn’t (could not) find the rules :frowning: : ( -

Jason from North United States of America

There are no specific rules, although most forums have a similar general code of conduct.

Things that are generally frowned upon:
Blatant advertising that has nothing to do with the forum (spamming) - this will get you banned in about 5 seconds - we don’t want sex aids or get rich quick schemes or trainers or cheat codes for 2nd life, this forum is the help forum for Audacity.
Multiple posting - this does not help get questions answered more quickly, it just confuses the issue to have it repeated.
Asking stupid questions - there’s nothing wrong with asking simple questions, or not knowing something, but people that can not be bothered to spend 5 seconds Googling for an answer should not expect someone else to do it for them.
Being ruse or malicious toward others.

Things that are considered good:
Being courteous and helpful to others.

Most of the boards (sections) on the forum have a message at the top that says something like “Read This Before Posting” - guess what, it is appreciated if people do read it.

Mostly it’s just common sense - if you post something inappropriately you will most likely have it politely pointed out, but no one minds an honest mistake. If you are not accustomed to forums, then you should quickly get the hang of how things work. One of our regular contributors has a bit of a reputation for being a bit grumpy (he describes his occupation as “Curmudgeon”) but we are all here to help each other (this is a community forum, there are no paid staff, just people that are interested in Audacity and computer audio).

Generally we prefer conversations to be in open forum rather than PM’s (private messages) as it then provides a resource from which others can draw. Also, the message boxes of regular forum users can get filled very quickly and it is tiresome to have to keep emptying it, so generally you should try to find the most appropriate part of the forum to post.

Have a look around, and if you have questions, ask. If you find that you can answer other peoples questions, then please do so. By the way, welcome to the forum :wink: