I can't adjust the monitoring volume without affecting recording gain

Pretty much what the subject line says, using WASAPI. The playback meter only affects volume during, well, playback, but not during recording–and nothing else I’ve tried or seen suggested works. Brand new download, Windows 11. With my old PC, I was able to record with appropriate gain while still being allowed to lower volume on the monitoring headphones. Now I can’t. I don’t have “software playthrough” in any menu I can find, nor is “Stereo Mix” (or anything similar) showing up anywhere.

If you are recording streaming audio (or whatever is playing on your computer) with WASAPI loopback, you are recording what’s coming out of your soundcard so playback volume affects recoding volume.

Most external computer speakers have a volume control knob or you can get an in-line volume control for headphones.

DON’T use it with loopback because it creates an internal feedback loop. But it’s been re-named to Audible input monitoring.

If you dont have Stereo Mix then it is not enabled in Windy Windows. Type control panel into search box on the task bar and open control panel and go to sounds and see what is enabled and connected and disable any audio enhancements such as Waves etc. until you see what is happening. … and try Windows Direct sound in Audacity and see is all your devices listed in audacity

Yeah, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get an in-line volume device, since I hadn’t needed one before. But maybe.

I’m pretty sure I tried all possible combinations of WASAPI, MME, and DirectSound, but I can only actually get recording working using WASAPI+headphones.

But my question was what is working in windows… and now what are you recording… from a file or a device…?

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