I cannot use the Letter - T when trying to rename tracks

Hi team,
When I try to rename a track and and there is a letter T in the name I want to use, I am unable to write it, I have restarted the program and also ensured that no shortcut uses the key T.
Please, can you advise? why the letter T does not work for me in Audacity
Thank you.

Testing on W10 with 3.4.3

I cannot reproduce this - it works fine for me:


Upper and lower case “T” “t”?

Has this happened several times on different shows?

Do you stick with Generally Accepted Filename Characters? Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers, Dash, and Underscore? You can get into trouble if you start putting punctuation marks in a filename—especially slashmarks //\.

Which Audacity version are you using?

Can you point to one event that happened and Audacity started doing this?


I hope it is allowed to share a video here. .
I explained on this video about the issue - Screen Recording 2023-12-11 at 01.33.54.mov - Google Drive

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