I cannot use my external usb Tascam sound card with Audacity

Hi !

Although my Tascam US-122L external usb sound card is detected
by Linux Mint 19
( after typing ‘cat /proc/asound/cards’ and ‘lsusb’ that indicates : Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0644:800e TEAC Corp. TASCAM US-122L ) ,

in Audacity I cannot hear any sound from it, probably because
it’s not even listed in the preferences : in the ‘devices’ part it appears nowhere : neither in the ‘playback device’ nor in the ‘recording device’ parts !

But it’s visible in the ‘Midi devices : playback’ part, where I can select it.

I have already tried the ‘rescan audio devices’ command , and it brings
nothing new.

The thing is , I need to make audio recordings in .wave files from a
guitar, and I rarely use the midi possibilities of the software.

Thus I am stuck , and don"t know how to make the software use this
external card to record or read audio files !

Plus, I don’t know how to make this sound card read any audio files on my pc either at all.

I also read a tutorial page that advices to use ‘Qjacktl’ to make this card work and I tried precisely all its recommendations , but nothing works.

There’s no compatibility issues with my old pc, because this card already worked when I used it with windows.

I also wonder if there is a sound Driver available for Linux Mint
for this card.

Does someone knows how to fix this problem ?

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