I cannot use ^B to add a note when Timer Record is running.

There was discussion a while back that this could change.
Is there an update on that?

There waa a longstanding Proposeal in the Audacity Wiki:

This got transferred to Muses’s Github issues log:

On 18Jan22 it was marked as “Deferred in Feature Requests”
BUT on 8Jun22 this issue was marked as “Closed” as “not planned”

So it looks like this ptoposal has been abandoned by Muse and is very unlikely to happen …


It was moved from deferred to post-replatform (4.x) on Feb 4 and the closing comment says “this is planned for much later (Audacity 4.x), closing for now”

Thanks for that update Leo.

So what timeframe might we expect to see this happening ?


I’m not sure as to when. I’m not even sure as to in which form I’d want timer record to exist in 4.x. I generally wouldn’t want it to stay as-is, I think that it completely locks up the program is very problematic. Tacking it into some count-in feature seems very hacky as well, and dedicating an entire timed record workspace to it also feels somewhat misguided.

At this point, I think that the most likely fate for timer record would be to be turned into an extension/plugin of some sort. This would require better scripting access than currently is possible with Nyquist though…

Actually, now that I think about it, I probably could make a python script which emulates timed record, but without most (all?) of its limitations and requirements. I can’t promise if I’ll get around to do it, but this seems like the faster route.