I cannot understand the installation directions

I have a Macbook Air running OSX 10.8.4
I downloaded Audacity 2.0.5 from the installer and put it through its paces. Everything works to satisfaction except I cannot save anything: projects, or export as .wav or .mp3 after also downloading the lame files and the lame zip.
From reading the forum, I would say that I did not install it correctly, just found the applications folder and dragged the application icon to it and to the dock.
Now after reading the installation caution sticky, I do not understand. I deleted Audacity from the applications folder and from the dock. Restarted computer.
I dragged the "Audacity’ folder to the ‘Applications’ entry under the Favorites (not places) column on the left of the Finder screen. I opened the folder from that location and clicked on the audacity icon to start. I also dragged it to copy onto the dock. Restarted computer.
Everything is the same. The application works but still cannot save projects or export as .wav or .mp3.
I use the name ‘test1’ for the file. I get the messages: “MESSAGE Cannot export audio to /usr/local/lib/audacity/test1.wav” or “ERROR SAVING PROJECT Could not save project. Perhaps [filename] is not writable or the disk is full.” (This is a new Macbook Air).

Please help. By the way, if you want me to wipe out the .cfg file, this scares me and you will have to tell me why this will not ruin everything. Also , I do not know what you mean by CODE: SELECT ALL in different font than the line of instruction that follows it. If this does not pertain to me, please ignore.


and put it through its paces.

You probably didn’t put it through its paces. It is required that you run Audacity from an installed folder, not from inside the .DMG file.

Double click the .DMG (Disk Image) and it will explode into a little disk drive. Open that and find the Audacity Folder.

Go (top of the desktop) > Applications. Drag the Audacity folder from that little disk drive over to “Applications” in the left-hand column.

Now open Audacity from that folder inside Applications and it should work OK. Those steps tell Audacity all about its environment and were everything is. You can drag that into the Dock to get a shortcut.

Let us know.

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 4.57.03 PM.png

It sounds as if you have installed Audacity correctly (there is no need to restart the computer).

Unless you are an administrator you will not be allowed to write to /usr/local. Rather than save files to such an awkward place I suggest you change the save location.

To do that, in the dialogue that appears when you save or export, click in the box that says “Where” then choose your Desktop or somewhere else in the folder that has the home icon and your name.

Alternatively choose your user name folder by clicking on your name underneath Favourites on the left of the dialogue.


Oh, there’s another little nasty that Audacity likes to do. It volunteers to save your work in /Applications/Audacity. Do Not let it do that. Save your work on the desktop or some other folder where you keep work.