I cannot save my project nor export my audio. Heeeelp!!!!

Hi. Help me!. I cannot save my project, nor export audio in wav format. I get errors like “I cant fine the file”, anyway the file exists as I am working with it, then the softwre seems not to see it! And even when Itry to close the programm there is no way, it just don’t save nor export the audio clip, I need to solve this urgently!
Help me `please!

Make sure you are saving to a location where you have “permission”, such as My Music or My Documents.

Don’t use punctuation in filenames. The exceptions are -dash- and underscore. In particular, use ISO-style dates. Today is 2019-06-03. Short variations can be 190603.

You may have seen dates like that in other software. This is why.


Hi Koz. I have tried to save the file without any punctuation symbol and I got the same error.

First: Can you create a new, small file and save/export it? This might confirm that Audacity is working correctly and the problem is with your particular project.

Second: If you can save/export your test file, then there must be some kind of corruption in your project file. You may try opening a new project then copy the problem project (using select all or Ctrl A and Copy) then paste it into the new project file. That might, or might not, get you past the corruption issue.

Please post back results.