I cannot record my own voice with the internal audio of my pc

Hello, I do not speak English, I am using a translator.

I have recently started using Audacity so I still don’t know this software well, I have used it to record the internal audio of my pc correctly, then export it to MP3 format, the problem is that I can’t find a way to get my My own voice that is captured simultaneously by my microphone appears also recorded together with the internal sound of my pc, my voice simply does not appear in the recordings.

Can someone explain to me what should I do so that my own voice also appears recorded along with the internal audio of my pc?

Thank you.

That is correct. Audacity will only record from one place. You can record your voice or you can record internet sound.

You can record internet sound in Audacity and record your voice on your phone. Transfer the phone sound to the computer and mix the two in Audacity.


Thanks for your answer.


I have another question:

If the software that is used to record Zoom meetings can record all the voices of the participants, including the voice of the person who is the host and I can record my own voice in Zoom meetings, why does Audacity not record my voice in video conferencing?

I think it should be possible.

Thank you.

Audacity can record your voice from the microphone
Audacity can record the other voices that are playing through the computer (record from the audio output).

Audacity can only record from one source at a time. That’s “one or the other and not both”.

I understand your answer, what I am saying is that if other software allows us to simultaneously record the internal audio of the pc and our own voice captured by a microphone, Audacity could be modified so that it can also do it, it is a function that can be very useful.

Tank You.