I can’t get into any of my Audacity files.

I get a message.
Internal error at ProjectWindows.cop line 76
Chasing a deadline and would be grateful for help
Trying to find advice about this in other queries but obviously time is of the essence
How do I get into these files or into Audacity itself around this block
Obviously I am looking for solutions but if anyone could help that would be great

Internal error at ProjectWindows.cop line 76

Is that really what the error says? This isn’t a good place to make typing mistakes.


Which version of Audacity? Will Audacity open?

How do you normally open your shows or files? Double click the file or open Audacity first and then File > Open?

Is this a laptop?

When was the last time you shut it all the way down and started it fresh? If it’s a laptop, how long can you run on batteries?


Chasing a deadline and would be grateful for help

You should start planning on what would happen if we can’t bring your system back on line quickly. Did you post in several different places on the forum?


This would correspond to the THROW_INCONSISTENCY_EXCEPTION instruction here:

Line  ProjectWindows.cpp
71 - 
72 -  AUDACITY_DLL_API wxFrame &GetProjectFrame( AudacityProject &project )
73 -  {
74 -     auto ptr = ProjectWindows::Get(project).mFrame;
75 -     if ( !ptr )
77 -     return *ptr;
78 -  }
79 -

which likely means that Audacity was trying to retrieve its pointer to a wxFrame widget, but for some reason lost it. Perhaps it was never allocated to begin with. This is the first report I have heard of this particular error. You can search Google or this forum database.

So that puts the ball back in your court. Is this a problem with any and all Audacity projects or with a specific one ? What steps do you take to reproduce this error ?

Do you have plenty of disk space ? Can you start Audacity with an empty project and then record or generate some audio ?