I can get audacity installed to open up

I downloaded the file…copied it to applications. It shows up on my dock. But I can’t click anything that will get it to open up. Do I need to also download some of the Optional downloads … Plug-ins…Lame MP3 since I’m wanting to record to MP3… What am I doing wrong. I’m not real savvy with downloads so I assuming I’ve downloaded correctly. Can someone help me.

You can also launch Audacity from the Applications folder in Finder.

If Audacity is already running with no project windows open, click the Audacity icon in the Dock then click File > New on the “Audacity” menu at the top of the computer screen.

You can download the optional LAME MP3 encoding library by following these instructions:
Audacity Manual .


Nothing happens when I hit the icon on the doc or from applications from Finder. I’m thinking I haven’t installed it correctly. This is what I did. I hit download from Audacity Mac… then clicked on the download folder when audacity finished downloading and it open up a file folder and a text file folder . I clicked on the Audacity file folder and copied to applications. It shows up… but nothing is active. What stepped have I missed.

From your description you have installed Audacity correctly. Does the Audacity menu bar at the top of the screen appear?

You could try any of these.

Open Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Select Audacity if it’s listed and choose “Quit Process”.

Follow the steps here in case Audacity is hanging due to Audio Unit or VST effects:

If that does not help, Quit Process again in Activity Monitor then search your computer for the file audacity-lock-your user name. Substitute what your actual user name is for “your user name”, for example, audacity-lock-coolimage. If the file is found, delete it.

After that, it could be that Mac permissions are messed up. Try Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility and repair permissions.