I AM VERY ANGGY! (Please bear with me, as I am very frustrated)

That sounds a bit drastic without even checking what is wrong…?
A few simple checks as indicated above or in windows settings or restore to an earlier time would be give some indication as to what is happening

Wow. That… that’s a lot. And I’ve barely used it for anything other than a 2 year degree. It’s ran perfectly until a few days ago. This is not because it’s just elderly. It was too sudden. I don’t even know were the hard drive is to listen to it but all i ever hear is the fan.

I agree, lol thank you. I’ll try defragging though

I did all of the scans and it repaired things but audacity is still minutes between clicks. It seems to be an issue with audacity so I’m trying to get remote pc help but if that doesn’t shake out, i guess the next step is a new DAW

If you got this far…Did you check if your hard drive needs defragging…Did you save all your data to another drive and make sure it is properly saved and you can run at least some of your smaller projects from the backup drive. When you are happy that your backup is readable then Uninstall Audacity including emptying your old Audacity data files folders and run CCleaner after you have uninstalled the old Audacity (Ccleaner will clear out left overs after the uninstall) … and then reinstall brand new 3.4.2 and see how it runs with new files… ones you create in the new, not old files yet… Then open some of your backup files projects, smaller ones first and see how they run…and go from there…

With Ccleaner run the Custom Clean, Health Check, and Registry check…all 3… one after the other each time you run it and maybe several times … until is shows nothing in the list…

That’s all above my pay grade. Got a new pc on the way.

This is some screen dumps of the checks … all this is meant for the ordinary user to use and keep PC clean.

Your cleansing ritual is of no use on this occasion.
Laggy Audacity 3.4.2 is the problem, not Windows.

Hi Trebor… Your Laggy link refers to macbook etc.
My PC is a Dell Intel I7 Windows11 very similar spec to MR Fahranheit and my PC and Audacity 3.4.2 …" Flies"
Lagging or Latency can be caused by size of buffers etc in setup or preferences settings…
Also I am running C drive on SSD which is faster… so if running on Hard drive first thing to change out is the Hard drive for a SSD.
I don’t find 3.4.2 … Laggy…

Exactly: 3.4.2 is laggy on Windows & Mac: it’s not OS specific. OS is not to blame.

There nothing wrong with windows 10 or 11 …they are the best versions Yet… but windows continuously keeps its self busy doing somethng when all it thinks it is doing is looking after itself… which fragments hard drives etc. I have an antique Laptop that used to be windows XP and it is now running Linux and Audacity quickly and sits quietly doing nothing when it is doing nothing… never needs defragged etc.

I know your frustration! I hadn’t meant to accidentally override 3.3.3. with 3.4.2, but it was too late and I couldn’t opt out from the install - 3.3.3 was perfect
After that ‘upgrade’ each of my recordings went dump - talk about angry tantrums :rofl: cursing wildly at my system while not ‘throwing’ anything in the process, because it was all so different. Took very patient time to re-navigate the stupid editing controls, to get it all back up and running again, so I could FINISH the chapter I was working on :rage::sob::rage:

Don’t know why Audacity feels the need to tweak or add new things every few months, that the current version was working perfectly (as stated) But I’ve since gotten a handle on 3.4.2 making it work like magic for me. And since finished my audiobook :microphone::sparkler::tada:

For me it was my hard-drive was failing and too early to be detected by diagnostics. Since DAWs use so much of the capacity, the only time i could really notice was when using audacity… i had to get a new computer.

For me it was my hard-drive was failing and too early to be detected by diagnostics.

What made you think it was failing if diagnostics didn’t detect it…??
Did you clear out any old tempory cache and temp files.??
Did you check if it needed defragging…??
If you are buying a new PC buy one with a large SSD drive instead of hard drive.

I had a computer guy go rooting around in it remotely… he said he was about 75% confident. After I’m certain i don’t have anything that didn’t miss the train to the new device, I’ll fresh start window’s just for poops and chuckles but it’s like 7 years old so… apparently that is ancient in technology years

And yes. My new PC has an SSD. Half the capacity, but yes