I am totally befuddled with Audacity on my laptop

I use windows 7 and have been using Audacity since last year on my desktop for downloading webcasts from the internet.

I’m going away for a week and need it on my laptop.

Have installed it but having a problem with getting the volume right for playback.

Quite often I am listening to the broadcast at the same time but when I play it back the volumes not there.

I’m not a techy person so can someone give me the steps I need.


Some computers turn around the speaker signal for recording. Not all computers record internet shows the same way.

Try this. Do a quick recording (you don’t need a whole hour) and instead of listening to it while you record it, reduce the speakers so you can barely hear it. Then play the show. Did the show get really quiet too? That’s how your computer works.

You can fix a quiet show in post production. When you’re done recording (for real this time) select the whole show by clicking just above the MUTE button and Effect > Amplify > [OK].