I am thrilled to have found you folks!

I suddenly became fascinated by sound improvement and noise removal technology. Have the minimum engineering background, but have never used it.

I guess my first question is this: Where can I find textbook (Audio Noise Removal 101) audio clips, with one undesired tone, as an excellent first homework?

After spending a lot of effort trying to improve some audio clips, being amazed at how hard it is, something that I thought it was relatively easy, I just want to convince myself that it is indeed possible to use a band filter to eliminate a narrow tone.


Most times, an annoying tone it’s not one tone, but a collection of tones. Those are much more difficult to delete without damaging the show.

If you have the tone(s) by themselves clean and divorced from the show, you can use Effect > Noise Removal and let it generate the notches and filters for you.


Noise Removal works in two steps. The first step you drag-select the noise by itself to tell the tool what it is. That’s the profile step. Then you run Noise Removal again and apply it to the show.

Sometimes hum will respond well to notch filters, but natural sounds are not pure and getting rid of them manually is a college level course.