i am only recording on right channel

when recording from my usb turn table in stereo it will only record on the right channel and nothing on the left channel can anyone help me to record both left and right please.

Check all of your leads and connections.
If the problem persists, please state what equipment you are using and how it is all connected together.

Make sure both Windows & Audacity are [u]configured for 2-channel stereo[/u].

Most USB turntables also have line-level analog outputs so try the analog outputs into your stereo (or TV or with powered computer speakers, etc.). If the left-analog output is dead that proves the turntable is bad. If the analog outputs both work the turntable’s USB port is probably OK and there’s probably something wrong with the computer settings.

If you have a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard you can try the line-input (usually blue). Most laptops only have mic-in, which is not correct.