I am new to the board

Hello, just wanted to say hi, i am ofcourse new to this board, Username is thor21344 been looking at some of the post, I have Win XP Pro SP3. I Have been using Audacity for some time now. i am not anywhere near a expert. in fack probley i would consider myself a novice. but was wandering if us NOVICES are allowed to answer questions if we know the answer

I am on other forums and i am also a beta tester on one of them (Not an Audacity forum). I have converted over 400 45 records to MP3 and also the same ones to WMA.

Well Hello again to all


Sure! Anyone can answer/reply.

I’m not an expert on Audacity, but sometimes I guess, or I’ll make a suggestion. (If I’m not 100% sure, i’ll say so.)

Sure, that would be a great help. With over 400 records under your belt you must be well past the “complete beginner” stage and trying to help other users is a great way to attain an in depth knowledge of the program.