i am new and i need help on making 22050hz mp3 to 44100hz ?

Hello, sorry for asking something that many others has but still i cannot make it to work ok , i have Audacity 2.0.2 greek version and windows 7
i used to make sounds for gestures for the secondlife but i had not used the program for months and now i have put an mp3 that i got from you tube and when it opens in the program is 22050hz , i want to use a small part of the mp3 but to be 44100hz . if i cut it and change it to 44100hz the sound goes so fast , how can i make the program open the mp3 to the corect way 44100hz ? or to change the 22050hz to 44100hz without making the sound go fast?

Sorry for bothering you all , i am greek , i try to find a solution to this

may all of you have an amazing week and month :blush:

Could you explain in more detail how you are wanting to use the small part of the MP3.

If you just want to export it with a sample rate of 44100, change the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window) to 44100 before you export.
If you want to use the extract in another project, as long as the Project Rate is set to 44100 then it does not matter if the track has a different sample rate.
To “convert” the track to 44100, use “Tracks > Resample”.

Note that exported audio will use the same sample rate as the “Project Rate”.

HELLO i did it i cut the part of the mp3 i want to use as a gesture to the game i went to set Rate to put it to 16 bit and 44100h when this is done then the sound is broken it goes so fast why?

I think you are setting the sample rate in the wrong place. You need to set the “Project Rate” which is in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window. If necessary you can than use “Tracks menu > Resample”

thats how i did it
mp3 f.jpg

That’s what I thought.
That will change the sample rate of the track, but because the audio data is not “resampled” it will make any existing audio in the track play at a different speed. See here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/track_drop_down_menu.html#rate

how this happened? i used to do them easally what have i done and now i t is like that?
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Yes, that sets the “Project Rate”.
Changing that value immediately changes the sample rate at which new tracks will be recorded or generated, and at which existing tracks will be played back, mixed or exported.

Thanks for all the time you spend on me !!

You’re welcome.
Do you have success?