i am having problem remov vocals

sorry for posting here but i didnt succeded to write new post.
i am having problem remov vocals. i tried to go to efect and remov vocal and change also the strength . the vocals always stayed
what to do?

There are two different tools. Effect > Vocal Remover and Vocal Reduction and Isolation. Do they both fail?

Most songs don’t like having their vocals removed. Removal will fail if you have a mono song, a two-track mono song, stereo effects applied to the voice, or the song is heavily MP3 compressed.

Is this a stereo MP3 download? MP3 compression messes with the stereo separation and that’s what Vocal Removal needs to work right.

the vocals always stayed … what to do?

Look for a karaoke (no vocals) version of the song on-line or change the job.


Hi, I too am unable to find any options to remove vocals. In the effects tab there is no options underneath such as Invert etc? Where are the options to customise tracks by removing any of the instruments etc? Where do I find these? Also I tried downloading add ins but none of them appeared at all in the app?